We can supply / Install or repair gate automation units.

Our main products that we use are CAME and NICE gate units.

All of our engineers have had CAME and NICE training, so we are able to provide our customers with the right unit for their requirements.

As with all of our other applications we are able to integrate your gate automation into your Intruder Alarm system / Door Access Control and Video Surveillance Systems - VSS ( CCTV ) Systems, if required.

Many of our gates that we fit can be supplied with a fully fledged voice and video  intercom system so that you have the ability to see who is at your gate and effectively communicate with them before allowing access.

Sliding Gates

There are an array of different makes and models of Sliding Gate Kits but we tend to recommend the NICE Robus 600 Kit as an average installation but this does depend on the weight of the gate in question as to the correct kit to use, ranging from 400kg to 1000kg. Each Kit requires a 230V Mains Power Supply  and consists of the following:

  • 24V Sliding Gate Motor
  • Two Button Transmitters
  • Pair of Photocells
  • Receiver

The Sliding Gate Kits are available with several features built in with extras:

  • Battery Backup in case of Mains Failure
  • Bus Connection for Peripherals
  • Slow Down on Open and Close
  • Integrated Open and Close Limits
  • Built in Obstacle Detection
  • Solar Ready - Yes it can be Solar Powered

There are many different types of Gate Automation:

  • Swing Gates 

  • Arm Gates

  • Folding Gates

  • Cantilever Gates

  • Articulated Gates

System Addictz Limited have a wide range of experience fitting these types of Gates so please give us a ring for more information or email us here


This section show shows some of the work we have achieved and installations we have completed.

They said it couldn't be done! Engineers in Japan couldn't do,
Engineers in the UK couldn't do it - BUT we did it!

On average, the CNC operator would have to open these large extendable doors, by hand,
around 12 times an hour to replace the steel to be cut.

We came along and Automated it for them, cutting labour time down and increasing productivity.

An example above of a recent Swing Gate we have just installed.

The middle image with a box on the wall is the PCB that controls the equipment.